Development history
High Durability achieved by making a cylinder diameter 200mm can be mounted in a small space
Major applicable vehicle type
Low power vehicle cargo or motor, Engine Type Application
Development history
The diameter of the cylinder is set for 230mm to develop as the durable product that endures the drastic flluctuation of lead as well as the increase of atmospheric pressure.
Major applicable vehicle type
1) 11~20 tin 2x4 cargo revised TANK ROLLEY.
2) Lower part reduced space-type truck for space utilization of upper loaded side.
Development history
1) Secure cylinder of 260 with high release capability(10~13.5/min)
2) For transporting BCT(Bulk Cement Trailer) as well as the plant pipe line of chemical plant
3) Improve the defective lowering of temporary capability lowering at momentary high pressure(4kg/)
Development History
A single product by applying the two cylinders that protects the product from the overhead product development
Main application
Apply to products for the motor & engine type
Major capability improvement
Capability classification/
MODEL name
VS 200 Series VS 230 Series VS 260 Series
Discharge volume(/min) 7~12 5.5~15 11~26
Consecutive operation time 60 60 60
Weight(kg) 170~370 165~450 235~720
Into the exhaust pipe to the cylinder itself from the existing exhaust pipe products using innovative product development => South Korea China design registration
Applied to developing products for the blade PP form of Teflon that can replace the existing carbon graphite => complete Korea Patent
Apply recommended
A circulating system (nitrogen), PVC, flour
Apply to all products for the under compressor conector development, in its own technology companies to facilitate the transfer of power to the product for the under compresso belt drive is not
- Two way power delivery type
- Durability improvemnt
- The belt tension control & exchange to facilitate (2014 09)
- At the fitting time saving
Machine Processing BCT COMPRESSOR Part Processing · Precision processing through machining center
  (3axis & 2shuttle table type)and automatic jib setting
· CAM/CAD reflection of design change for capacity
Gear Pump/
Vacuum Pump
Part Processing · When processing is modified, it is free of the processing loaded
  jib improvement of quality level by applying adaptable type that
  is independently developed
Loaded Part PTO · DOUBLE AXIS TYPE PTO Design development and production
· Part processing for loading: FLANGE, COUPLING, JOINT BRKT
Polycase A
DUCTILE Material · High capability alactric furnace(process capability: 20TON/day)
· Casting processsing: tumbler & cracker
FC Material
& A/S
Agency operation · 9 dealers in korea, 30 dealers in China, 2 dealers in indonesia, 1 dealers in Malaysia
· Around 15 countries, and annual sales for 6500 production facility expansion
 (Canada, Greece, Brazil, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,
  Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore)
· Qingdao, China Factory
Overseas Sales
Local plant